A sustainable solution for Indonesia’s love of beef

Let’s face it, Indonesians love meat. Many of our traditional dishes revolve around it. Rendang from West Sumatra, rawon from East Java, konro from South Sulawesi, or satay. Just naming a few of these dishes is sure to make your mouth water.W

A determined path to the SDGs in 2030 despite COVID-19

As lockdowns ease in countries across Asia and the Pacific in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear—a return to business as usual is unimaginable in a region that was already off track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals

Hydrogen the missing piece of ASEAN green energy

Recent international headlines have been declaring the potential of hydrogen to solve some of the key issues that limit the development of renewable energy (RE) and the goal of decarbonization of emissions.The Wall Street Journal calls it the &ldq

Hydrogen the missing piece of ASEAN green energy

Solidarity and partnership with Indonesia and beyond

Today, Switzerland celebrates its national day amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which is not only a severe health crisis but also has a deep and threatening impact on livelihoods and development prospects of people around the world.A national day is a t

WTO moves ahead with Indonesia’s complaint against EU

Indonesia’s World Trade Organization (WTO) complaint against the European Union trade barriers is moving ahead. It is a significant moment for the region’s largest agricultural export. Indonesia has successfully pushed for the WTO to fo

WTO moves ahead with Indonesia’s complaint against EU

Amid pandemic bike boom, invest in wheels of change

How to maintain your health when gyms and swimming pools are closed? How to reach your destination when you fear crowded public transport? What can benefit economic recovery from this pandemic? The answer is simple: ride a bicycle.Jakarta has enter

The thorn in modernization of primary weapons system

The modernization of the primary weapons system (Alutsista) is essential in order to increase the capacity of a country’s defense forces. The growing complexity of threats, followed by swift changes and advances in defense technology, has forc

Emerging Asia: Securing solid fundamentals for post-COVID future

Asia’s emerging economies are at different stages in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. For some countries, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter as social distancing measures are being eased and economic activity is starting t

We must truly deliver on new expectations in the 'new normal'

No one really knows what the “new normal” will look like. But as we start to emerge from COVID-19, it’s crucial that we learn from the extraordinary changes transforming how consumers shop and behave, how businesses must adapt quic

Class struggle and children’s long-distance learning

Many have complained of gaining weight during the current pandemic, due to staying at home and having the munchies. Well, there is one way to avoid that: have school age kids who are engaged in long-distance learning (Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh, PJJ).

Class struggle and children’s long-distance learning