ASEAN, migrant workers and the COVID-19 crisis

This weekend ASEAN will hold a high-level conference that will be participated by all heads of government from the 10 ASEAN member countries, with focus likely to be given to concerted efforts to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.The leaders had previo

ASEAN, migrant workers and the COVID-19 crisis

Human rights in ASEAN at stake during pandemic

Although countries have different responses to the pandemic, physical distancing has been the common approach, ranging from controls on movement to lockdowns, curfews, quarantine and states of emergency.Of all the measures, human rights groups have

Can ASEAN achieve integration by 2025?

COVID-19 has put the biggest test yet on ASEAN. With weakened fiscal positions and a stark development gap, ASEAN integration remains uncertain. With five more years left to its scheduled deadline, can ASEAN achieve its desired community? The

Preventing genocide should be the interest of ASEAN

On Jan. 23, 2020, 17 judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) voted unanimously to order Myanmar to take all measures to prevent genocide against the Rohingya population residing in Rakhine state. The court also ordered Myanmar to submit a