Museums prepare to take on 'new normal'

The “new normal” is inevitable and comes with a fresh set of changes for cultural institutions like museums, the daily operations of which usually cater to large groups of people. In a webinar hosted by the Mitra Museum Jakarta Foun

Museums prepare to take on 'new normal'

Who should bear the costs of the new normal?

The “new normal” is the new black. Governments around the world are considering reopening the economy after lockdowns, even amid the threat of a second wave of COVID-19.The new normal requires strong prevention protocols to avoid furthe

‘Pasrah’ as ‘preparedness discourse’ in new normal

The novel coronavirus travels unequally, leaving marginalized people to suffer the most from the pandemic. The virus spreads quickly and is transmittable easily in spaces where you do not have approximate distance with others, such as in a crowded h

What to expect from your ‘new normal’ trip to Bali

Tourism is the beating heart of Bali’s economy as around 60 percent of the island’s gross regional product (PDRB) comes from the travel industry.Unfortunately, tourism is one of the sectors hardest-hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, affectin

The new normal in education

With the start of the new academic year in July just around the corner, educators and policymakers just have to be prepared for the new normal for the 44 plus million students across the country.In light of the joint ministerial decree by the educa

Covidnomics: New normal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sharp economic downturn globally, as indicated by deeper government deficits, slower growth and higher unemployment. Even though the coronavirus will likely be carried over to the second half of 2020, many governme

Addressing the new normal for schools in rural areas

Around 45 million students in Indonesia have been out of class for as long as three months due to COVID-19 fears. As a result, the education sector has changed dramatically with the rise of online learning, which requires students and teachers to co