Digital tools give SMEs opportunity to evolve

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) stand to benefit from digital tools to manage their finances and operations, as well as make strategic business decisions as the pandemic accelerates the use of technology, experts have said.Adhitya Satriadi, the

Digital killed the analog star: Minister calls for TV transformation

The government is calling for private television broadcasters to comply with a national plan to convert analog television to digital television, also known as the analog switch-off (ASO), as Indonesia lags behind regional peers in the digital migrat

Digital memorialization for a global age

Virtual sites of memorialization of mass atrocities, from web pages and blogs to social media, have proliferated this century. Once unimaginable technology enables individuals and communities to share photos, memories and ruminations about the past

Digital banking prioritizes security amid cyber threats

National banks have pledged to maintain strong digital security systems and have encouraged consumers to take precautions against the risk of digital security breaches.Tantri Desyanti, a 25-year-old customer of Jenius, a digital banking platform op